The management of a company’s workforce reflects on its productivity. Your organization needs qualified hands to maximize the value of its employees.
Recruitment & Talent Acquisition is not all we do but one of the services we offer. We provide all the HR services you might need as Verstand is focused on minding your HR business.
The fees for our services are designed to work with your budget. You will be improving the quality of your services by allowing us to cater for your HR business.
No, Verstand is technology inclined. We interact virtually and physically based on the preference and convenience of our clients.
Verstand`s focus is on the value provided. The amount of money spent by our clients is a returned investment.
We work with our clients to help their organizations provide a good employee experience, from hiring the right talent, assessing their training needs, managing their performance, and improving their engagement
At Verstand Resources Limited, our clients` details are classified. We ensure the security of our clients` details during and after the execution of their projects.

Office Address: Legacy Place, 1619, Danmole street, off Idejo street, Adeola Odeku, VI, Lagos.


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