I come from a school of thought that seems more academic than liberal, so when I agreed to write this article, I knew my introduction would be a definition of the subject matter to gain a better understanding of its implications for candidate sourcing.

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Sustaining The Workplace Culture

Several business leaders strive to thrive in today’s fast-changing global market because of new challenges that have characterized the business environment. Business leaders face challenges in establishing a workplace culture that impacts productivity and organizational performance…

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Aligning Talent and Business Goals

A Footie Fan Rant.

I love football. I grew up as the only girl in an all-boys (3) household, got on the sports-loving track, with football being our favourite sport, and spent most of my long holidays perfecting my football skills when I was not in after-school lessons.

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Data-Driven HR

Imagine walking into a dark room; you are likely to bump into the wall, corners and possibly run over an item and maybe even end on the floor with a few injuries. That’s very similar to practising Human Resources management without leveraging data.
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Employee Career Development

The management guru Peter Drucker described the twenty-first (21st) century as an era of accelerated change, overwhelming complexity, tremendous competition, and lightning communication. This assertion is playing out in every sector of human existence.
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